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Cooking with the kiddos!

 I cannot tell you how much fun the boys have cooking at home.  It saves money and brings the family together at the   table!  Plus things just taste better with some love added into the recipe!  My boys are big fans of homemade pizza! We like to add whole wheat flour into the dough to make  it more healthy and we make our own tomato sauce to give it more flavor.   You can also make extra sauce and freeze it for next time.  I’ve also made extra dough for the freezer as well and it saves time later on when you need to get a meal ready with less time on your hands.  I like to look up recipes at because it rates the recipes so you can choose the ones that are higher rated for a better taste.  I have used dough and sauce recipes from there.  The only difference is that with the dough I swap out some whole wheat flour for the white.  Also make sure to read the top tips from others who have tried  out the recipe for some great suggestions! 

  Recently we also made fruit leather from  Just type in strawberry fruit leather in the search bar.  Really make sure to watch the recipe at the end because it can burn and did with our batch, but the part that didn’t burn was very tasty!                                                          

           I just want to encourage everyone to take the time to make some yummy creations in the kitchen!  It’s such a great way to make memories with your little munchkins!

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Easter Fun!


Well Easter came and went, but not without a time of remembering and celebrating Jesus!  Our new recipe that we tried this year was resurrection rolls  We also did some other things as well.  Did you see some little chicks hanging around? 

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Fun With Food!

Well tonight I guess I felt a little creative spark while I was thinking of what to make for dinner.  I had just gone grocery shopping yesterday so I had lots of veggies.  This is the mini veggie forest that I came up with…

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A new favorite snack!

     I discovered a new favorite snack for the kids….okay for me, but the kids love it too!  It’s healthy, easy, and yummy!  APPLE CHIPS! 

Here are the directions to make these…

1.) Preheat oven to 225 degrees

2.) Wash whatever kind of apples you choose.  You really only need about 2 maybe 3 apples to make two trays of chips.  Then slice with a mandolin on #2 (you can do this by hand if you slice super thin).  You can leave the skin on.

3.  Put on parchment paper lined baking sheets.  You can leave them plain, sprinkle with cinnamon or a cinnamon sugar mixture.

4.  Bake for 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on your oven, how crispy you want them and how thin you slice them.  Flip them half way through.  When they first come out they will still feel a little soft (not much though), but will get crispier the cooler they get. 

5.  Eat up!

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